Based in New Delhi, India Airlines (now merged with Air India) is the airline possessed household air travel of India. It started its function on 1 August 1953 after merging the seven pre-freedom airlines: Deccan Airways, Kalinga Airways, Bharat Airways, Himalayan Aircraft, Airways India, India National Airways and Air Services of India. Serving all key household as well as nations, the main motto of the air travel is to offer quality, efficient and reliable support. India Airlines was re branded as "Indian" on December 7, 2005.

Indian Airlines Fleet

The young navy of India Airlines comprises of 70 airplanes (3 wide-bodied airbus A300s, 47 fly-by-wire airbus A320s, 3 Airbus A319s, 11 Boeing 737s, 2 Dornier Do-228 aircraft and 4 ATR-42). It has also placed an order for 46 new airplanes comprising of A319, A320 and A 321s.

Indian Airlines Destinations

Indian Operations operates regular airline to 58 locations, 50 within India and 8 overseas. The Airways flies regularly to all key cities of India that include Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Pune, Goa, Chennai along with many regional locations like Ahmedabad, Gorakhpur, Allahabad, Bhubaneshwar, Ranchi and others. Indian airline also protect close-by worldwide destination such as Dubai and Sharjah in UAE, Kuwait, Muscat, Kabul, Yangon, Kathmandu and Men.
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