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Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is the largest city...
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Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. Once a...
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About Kathmandu

Situated at 1400m (4400 ft) above sea level, Kathmandu, Nepal's capital city is the center of the nation's custom, lifestyle and tourism. Nepal tour packages is widely sought by travelers from all over the world wanting to witness the towering peaks of Himalayas which has in turned the increase of bookings of holiday tours in Kathmandu. Picturesque Kathmandu is home to sacred monasteries or temples and elegant castles and memorable vacations. The Kathmandu Valley a UNESCO world heritage area, loaded with historical sites, temples and shrines, fantastic pagodas and amazing towns can be best explored with Kathmandu holiday package tours.

Kathmandu's heritage is much more than their structures, appreciate festivals, handcrafts and hikes to the encompassing Himalayan peaks. The only way to discover Kathmandu's disorderly labyrinth is by wandering. Explore vibrant booths, unique customs and observe the variety and confusing combination of individuals -Gurkhas from the Pokhara area, India, Tibetan females and sacred Hindu clergymen on their way to a pilgrimage with Kathmandu vacation packages.

A stroll into the back roads of Kathmandu provides an insight into history, structure and lifestyle with Kathmandu tours. The historical personality and religious heritage of Kathmandu are at the leading edge of religious patience and social balance.