Airlines Hike Airfares for Australia with India Team Entering in Semifinals

Airlines Hike Airfares for Australia with India Team Entering in Semifinals

With India enters semi-final of the 2015 ICC World Cup in Sydney on Thursday, the airlines have hiked their fare considerably for Down Under. People should be ready to pay extra to watch “Men in Blue” live when the two-time World Cup Champions India will clash with Australia on March 26 at Adelaide in the second semi-final of the tournament.

‘In the last one week, the cheap air tickets international for Sydney and Melbourne have already shot up by 15-20 per cent. Airlines may also make a killing off the left over seats if team India beat the Kangaroos and enter the World Cup final, said by travel industry executives on Sunday.

The travel portal, President Sharat Dhall address PTI and told that economy class fares from metro airports in the two Australian cities of Sydney and Melbourne were averaging over Rs. 60,000 at present as against Rs. 50,000 last week. However, the flights fair have seen a dramatic increase from Bangalore and Hyderabad. This has happened as holiday season commences in south earlier than the northern or western region and travelers looking to combine it into one trip, he added.

There is one and only Domestic Company, the national carrier Air India is operating direct flights to Australia. Singapore Airline, Qatar and Emirates, Etihad and other also fly to Australia, but they have their respective hubs.

While most of the bookings for the Sydney and Melbourne have already taken place, people many have to head to Australia with high premium for the last few seats if India win semi-finals, according to the president Iqbal Mulla – The Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI).

The final is scheduled to be held in Melbourne next Sunday. People should ready to pay another 15-20 per cent extra over the current level.

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