Spend Best Time in Vibrant Nightlife of Bangkok

Spend Best Time in Vibrant Nightlife of Bangkok

If you are coveted for the best wines and cocktail bars for the international holiday, Bangkok should be your pick. At the present time, the capital of Thailand has become the world’s most vibrant party metropolis with bars, pubs, dance clubs and upscale lounges open for all-night. Teeming with the world class cosmopolitan facilities, regular events taking place on a nightly basis keeps everyone sufficiently entertained. If you are booking your Bangkok Holiday Packages, here is a list of few hotspots that will offer you legendary night out.

1) Route 66

If you are looking more than spending time sipping wine in a hotel or bar, Route 66 can possibly be your choice. The flashy interiors, dazzling lighting, mega-decibel sound systems, and digitized animation screens will add something extra in your wine and cocktails.

2) Glow

Those who are searching something away to the usual chart-topping music, underground dance music at one of the Bangkok’s best nightclubs “Glow” is there situated for you.

3) Narz

If you crave for super luxury and lavishness, Narz has all set for you. Four floors with eight bars along with three rooms with super-stylish interiors will give your taste a height. Narz is Bangkok’s one of the biggest and most luxurious late night venues.

4) Q Bar

Q Bar in the capital city of Thailand has been spinning quality dance and party music. This venture is the top choice for a night out among the City’s socialite crowd who enjoy the best drinks and cocktails in the funky and fashionable ambiance.

5) Cheap Charlie’s

Built on a successful formula of cheap drinks and an easygoing charm, Cheap Charlie’s is a legendary dive bar in Bangkok. It doesn’t have a roof, so most likely you will be standing shoulder to shoulder with a varied clientele, but at the last you will be happy there.

6) Moon Bar

As its name denotes, Moon Bar offers the most stunning views of the metropolis as well as the moon from the 61st floor. It is strategically set on the highest floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel on Soi Sathorn, you will also cherish luxuries yet friendly ambience.

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7) The Iron Fairies

The Iron Fairies is more than just a bar. It is a blacksmith’ workshop and offering unmatched experience to be at bar in settings of a gallery, restaurant and antique store.