May 1 Holidays Now a Costly Affair Since Air Fares Get So Expensive

May 1 Holidays Now a Costly Affair Since Air Fares Get So Expensive

If you are contemplating to fly in Goa for May 1 Holidays, you might have to leave that thought. Flight tickets to travel from all major metros into Goa for May 1 get so expensive. Now air fares cost more than four times the regular fare or at least more than double from the other domestic destinations.

May 1 is usually marks as the beginning of the peak domestic tourist season for the summer in Goa. The time also considered best for the long vacations as children are already on the school vacations. The airlines have already foreseen the situation and increase air fares to make profit from the situation.

The situation is now you need to pay 10,570 Rs. for fly Goa from Mumbai while the starting rate for a regular ticket for the same route was 2,400. Booking of the Cheap Flights in India for the Labour Day is a costly affair no matter which place you choose to fly for Goa. Holidaymakers of Chennai planning to land in Goa on May 1 now have to pay over 12,000 that is just three times to the usual fares that starts from 3,700. Likewise, Kolkata to Goa air fare has shot up from the usual 4,800 to 11,500.

A beach break in Goa this summer with the Cheap Air Tickets Domestic has now just remained a dream for many due to sudden increase in the airfares. Flight tickets to Goa from Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, etc., has gone up. Only Delhi to Goa flights will cost only 1,500 more than its usual fare of 5,550.

Besides the flight tickets, travelling to Goa by bus is also now much more expansive. For May 1 holidays, the fare to travel to Goa by bus like from Mumbai shot has gone up to 3,500 from the usual 1,500 for an air-conditioned semi-sleeper bus. If you travel from Bangalore, be ready to pay 2,600 than 1,200.

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