Singapore is Most Demanded Destination For Indian, Not Dubai

Singapore is Most Demanded Destination For Indian, Not Dubai

It’s time to choose favourite holiday spots for Indian travelers –Singapore not Dubai is Most preferred location. Singapore is most demanded overseas destination for Indian students and entrepreneurs in 2015.

According to new Suravy, Proves that in first half year, Singapore, completely known as Lion’s City, it remains most visited location by Indian tourist. Dubai was most demanded location in last year. But now picture has completely changed. Singapore replaces Dubai in overseas preferred location.

Dubai secured second position in most demanded overseas place list and followed by Bangkok, Thailand. Other country USA and UK Allure Indian Students and Entrepreneurs, London and New York places 4th and 5th Position. Thailand was most preferred 2ed tourist destination for Indians in 2013. According to Survey: showed that in 2013 Bangkok was one the topped as the Indians’ most demanded tourist hub, followed by Pattaya and Phuket in 7th and 8th position respectively.

In 2013, Singapore was on 3ed position followed by London got the fourth spot and Hong Kong at the 5th.Dubai had secure 2ed position in the list.

Other overseas countries attract most visitors due to its beauty; culture, Infrastructure And Charm, Hong Kong, Thailand, Bali Draw tourist attention for Luxury Holiday, Dream Honeymoon and Family Vacation.

Paris (France) which was on 8TH Position in 2014 now competes Las Vegas, Hong Kong and secure 7th Place in most demanded overseas destinations. Paris is followed by Las Vegas and Hong Kong respectively.

India tourist Spots for International travellers are Delhi Capital of India, Mumbai, Goa and Bangalore. Meanwhile Delhi and Mumbai is preferred most demanded place for foreigners in First half on 2015. Bangalore replaced Goa From the 3ed position.

Agra in Uttar Pradesh – known for Taj Mahal – dropped two spots down and landed on ninth position in 2013.

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Other holiday Destinations such as Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Kolkata maintain their position fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth, respectively.

Most Demanded overseas Location for Student:

1 Singapore

2 Dubai

3 Thailand

4 London

5 New York