5 Experiences Not To Miss in Switzerland

5 Experiences Not To Miss in Switzerland

Switzerland is such an amazing international holiday destination that never disheartens its tourists. Switzerland offers the breathtaking view of the Europe’s biggest glacier, meadow covered in wildflowers, crystal clear lake along the country’s biggest adventures in food, art, culture and of course the great outdoors. Whenever you got an opportunity to be confronted with the grandeur of the Switzerland doesn’t miss a change that takes you close to at least a few of these excellent Swiss adventures.

1) Ride a train to the top of Europe

Switzerland enjoys an awesome network of mountain railways and cable cars. With these extensive networks, it is easy to get to the tallest mountain peaks in an inexpensive way. Simultaneously, you will enjoy picturesque views of snow-covered mountains, exotic landscapes and more.

2) Vineyards with a view

Vineyards in Switzerland are a wide region that includes 14 villages and 830 hectares of vineyards that produce mostly white wine. This region is one of the UNESCO Heritage Site and one of a great plan for wine tasting along treating eyes with stunning and magnificent views.

3) Float on a clear blue lake

If you are booking your international holiday packages to explore real earth’s paradise, you shouldn’t miss a chance to take a boat ride at least in one lake. Switzerland hand more 1400 lakes. You will witness sparkling clear waters in lakes such as Thun, Geneva, etc., all thanks to the glaciers that melt and keep them full. A lunch or dinner cruise is also an option to take complete pleasure.

4) Eat your weight in cheese…or chocolate…or both

A visit to the factory of Nestle Company and tasting of its famous treats is not-to-be-missed part of your Switzerland tour. This was the Swiss that first invented milk chocolate. One will find the several varieties of cheese and chocolate to choose from and ways to enjoy it.

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5) Buy A Watch

The Swiss watches are praised worldwide for their quality and innovation. You can buy a watch as a remembrance of your Switzerland. However, if you are fascinated about the art of watchmaking, you can travel to “watch routes” like the Patek Phulipe Museum in Geneva and Timekeepers Museum in Oberhofen showcasing you antique timekeeping machine as well as music boxes from the days of old. You can book your international air tickets for cheap rates online for an outstanding holiday experience in a paradise.