Things to Definitely Try When You Visit Bangkok

Things to Definitely Try When You Visit Bangkok

Bangkok is chaotic, delightful and memorable. The Thai capital has everything a traveller loves. From ancient temples, palaces and museum to modern shopping malls, markets, restaurants and hotel you can accommodate everything you would like to indulge in the crazy vacations here.

Here is a list of things to definitely try when you book Bangkok holiday packages:

  1. When in the Thai capital you must try all the street food your stomach can fit. The tastes, smells and flavours are a treats.
  2. Shop till you drop. There is no other city with this many shopping options choosing from malls, markets and shops to buy from.
  3. Go for a ride on the river ferry. It’s cheap and a delightful experience.
  4. Pay a visit to Chatuchak market, the world’s largest weekend market. Seeing it all in one day is a challenge so come early, take breaks, and bring cash. This is a prime spot for vintage shopping apart from the numerous bargains from clothing, bags, shoes and souvenirs.
  5. Treat yourself at great roof top bars. The views are good and you get cheap drinks.
  6. Look out for night markets. Khao San is a popular choice and probably best at catering to backpackers, starting at 6 every evening, located right by Siam Station.
  7. Ride the sky train, but never during rush hour.
  8. Get a foot massage or a Thai massage or any massage, because they’re usually cheap and awesome and easy to come by.
  9. Let yourself get lost. Wander the streets for ages, sit inside a public bus and let it take you to somewhere new. Bangkok is so easy to live adventures in, take advantage.
  10. Get out of town. One of the beauties of Bangkok is that the nearest beach is only a couple of hours drive away with Hua Hin being your easiest option to reach. It is also easy to reach Phuket, Kok Samui and Pattaya.
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