What You Should Know Before Travelling To Dubai

What You Should Know Before Travelling To Dubai

Your International Air Tickets to Dubai has booked and you are dreaming the beautiful and relaxing vacation in the lap of luxury and modern amenities. As it is always recommended to collect some information about the destination before you go, Dubai is a must one. The UAE laws are incredibly strict and can lead you in prison if you step out of its line. Don’t break that beautiful picture of Dubai you have painted in your head, just be respectful and remember the list of what to not to do in Dubai:

1) Drinking: If you are thinking about spending your time having cocktails in hand all the time, just put the thought at the bay. You can only drink in a hotel and it wouldn’t tolerate if you find drinking or being drunk in public.

2) Public Displays of Affection: The beauty of the city may hypnotise you and ignite a romantic feeling, but you must control your heart pulses as holding hands or kissing or gets cosy with the partner in the public can lead to arrest and imprisonment.

3) Sex Outside Marriage: Sex is illegal between those who are not married. This can lead to severe criminal sanctions also.

4) Swearing: Making rude gestures and use of the vulgar language like the middle finger, are criminal acts in the UAE.

5) Swimwear: Nudity at the Dubai’s beaches is illegal. Hence, you must be careful about your bathers and swimsuits outside the beach and other Dubai Tour destinations that in general should be modest.

6) Smoking: Keep distance to smoking for the day when you are in Dubai as you may pay fine for lighting up in a shopping mall, government building or shop.

7) Clothing: Drop all tight and transparent clothes at the home that above the knee or shows stomach, shoulders or back.

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8) Conversation: Prolonged stares or unwanted conversation or eye contact with women is illegal and counted as “harass” to women.

9) Photos: You can’t take pictures, especially of women without the permission. If you do, it can lead to arrest or fines.

10) Ramadan: If you are non-Muslims, you can’t eat, drink or smoke in front of Muslims and in public during sunrise and sunset.

11) Drugs: For drug, the UAE law is extremely strict and include the death penalty or life in jail.