Travelling is an investment for the wall being of your body, mind and soul and the recharging of your batteries and to get away. This investment can be done at a meager budget. Only at 5000 INR you can enjoy an awesome getaway. Here are the top Budget holiday destinations in India that requires a budget less than INR 5000:

1. Rishikesh

The town nestled in the laps of Himalayas and the banks of River Ganga is just 225 kms from Delhi. Camping and river rafting are the allures and it’s only for 1500 INR. There are various state owned buses and private owned plush Volvos with ticket from 2000-1400. Rishikesh holiday trip is perfect for backpackers, adventure lovers and nature lovers.

2. Varanasi

Where sins wash away, where life comes to a full circle, Varanasi is a pocket friendly destination in all of India. Train fares to the holy city cost 350-700 INR and hotels starts as low as 500 per day. You can find everything in your budget and the peace you find it’s priceless.

3. Kasauli

The hill station nestled in Himachal Pradesh a short drive from Delhi via Chandigarh. Expenses for travelling go max up to 1500 and the stay in budget hotels or even luxury ones go max up to 2500. It’s a beauty to spend weekends in.

4. Vrindavan

Spirituals will be in love with Vrindavan as the holy site is steeped in history and bhakti. Hotels and accommodations go as low as INR 600. Travelling is very easy as trains & buses of all categories run frequently from Delhi.

5. Lansdowne

The breathtaking hill station of Uttaranchal remains untouched by tourists. Round trip travel expenses less than Rs. 1000 and the splendid accommodation secluded and pristine are max for Rs. 1500, sparing you with Rs. 2500 for other expenses.

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6. Binsar

9 hours away from Delhi, Binsar offers unrivalled panoramas and blessed wildlife. The travel expnses are a little steep as one way bus fares go up to 1500 but the accommodations are very affordable and in 2000 you can have comfortable quarters.

7. Kasol

The spellbinding natural beauty, the adventurous trekking trails and the hippie ambiance makes Kasol a very budget friendly destination. Bus fares to this beauty are less than INR 1000 but the stays and everything else are so affordable. Every backpacker in India keeps this destination on the list for its sheer pocket friendly trip.

8. McLeod Ganj

The bliss of mountains, the getaway to peace and the best pocket friendly trip brings crowds to McLeod Ganj in weekends. Hotel tariffs start from 200 INR and the travel is offered by budget state owned buses to Himachal Pradesh and private owned Volvos which costs around 500 INR.

9. Kanyakumari

In South India for budget holiday destination, Kanyakumari, 85 km from Trivandrum is top on the list. A bus ticket to reach is just 250 INR and the basic hotel rooms start from around Rs. 800. In a small budget you can enjoy the best trip.

10. Hampi

The charming glorious ruins in India are a short distance from Bengaluru in Karnataka. The temples, architecture and the history are perfect for a weekend. Travels costs less than 1000 INR and stay 1500 INR.