10 Best Options To Overcrowded Destinations In India

10 Best Options To Overcrowded Destinations In India

1. Lahaul & Spiti in its place Of Ladakh

The Spiti valley is been situated at an average elevation of 4270 meters is a desolate land full of difficulty to cross, Lahaul is totally opposed with full of flourishing greenery. The Spiti Valley is been covered by superior mountain ranges and the Spiti River speedily go through southeast of this valley in order to meet River Sutlej.

The valleys are been seem as desert mountainous area. Ancient Buddhist monasteries and the wonderful natural beauty have given a exclusive discrete appearance to Lahaul and Spiti. There are many legendary places here which is been seem as tourist attractions in the area consist of monasteries like Guru Ghantal, Dhankar, Shashur, Ki and the Tavul Gompas, these places are seen as serenely in the round of the astonishing Himalayan range.

If you want some advenrure you can go for trekking here the treks which is coming through the mountains and the engrossing serene lakes absorbing the reflection of the fresh blue skies and the mountains adjoining it creating beautiful ambience.

2. Gurez Valley in its place of Gulmarg

The Gurez valley has been situated deep in the high Himalayas, about 133 km from Srinagar. It seems as a beautiful amalgamation of mountains, valleys and rivers. Here the mountain peak named Habba Khatoon is the central attractiveness of the valley.

3. Go To Udaipur in its place of Jaipur

The Udaipur is been located in Aravalli Rangesit is famous tourist destinations in India, the place marvelously epitomize the Rajasthani culture. This city is full of history, culture and rituals and is the most visited place by tourists from abroad and within India, to enjoy the glance of the Rajputana manner of life.

This place offers you the best food and here you can enjoy many old city market ,visiting ghats and enjoy the peace in the environment, there are many Forts within the reach of the city like Bagore Ki Haveli, Pichola & Ranakpur Temple.

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If you are very keen of budget, So visit Udaipur during the off-season, So you can enjoy good hotels and travel deals, The most famous festival here is the colourful celebrations of the Mewar Festival, which is been celebrated on a very large scale with giant splendor which you can enjoy during the month of March and April in Udaipur.

4. Valparai in its place of Darjeeling

The Valparai is the best romantic destination for enjoying holidays .The Valparai is a gorgeous and serene hill station with tea plantations gardens and seem as an supreme place for honeymoon couples. The evergreen forests of Anamalai Tiger Reserve are wonderful for a eco-friendly and romantic holiday.

5. Havelock Island in its place of Palolem

The Havelock Island is occupied islands of Andaman and Nicobar. This island is been famous for its rich aquatic life, white sand beaches and dense evergreen forests here you can visit the place Barefoot a beautiful resort which is been placed very near by location.

If you want to truly enjoy the beauty of nature this is the best place because there is no Television , no network, which brought some good moments of peace and a break from hassle free life of the world. The resort offers a good menu of food .There are many best pubs in Havelock, in every evening many tourist gather around the island to this pub and have fun.

6. Kodaikanal in its place of Coorg

The Kodaikanal has been situated in Tamil Naidu and better known as the Gift of the Forest.To the north, Kodaikanal is been covered by high hills that bring round down into the villages of Vilpatti and Pallangi, In the east, they move down to the lower Palani hills. To the south of the destination, lies the Cumbum Valley while in the west lies a plateau which leads to the Manjampatti Valley and the Anamalai Hills.

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Lots of hills, It is a Nice place to spend time. There are many places to visit. Falls, lake and many more places are there to visit and spend time with family over there. We can visit by car and it is a good quality for all. Sightseeing and everything during journey is nice.

7. Taj Mahal? No choice here! Taj Mahal Is the most excellent

The Taj Mahal, is one of the most wonderful structures in the world, which attracts approximately four million visitors annually. The architecture is so intense and beautiful that possess its own grand beauty and if you visit the place do not forget to take a proper tour guide which will give the better description of the history being associate with the monuments.

8. Ujjain in its place of Varanasi

The Ujjain, is also known as Ujjayini or Avanti, it is an ancient city located in Ujjain District of Madhya Pradesh. Ujjain is visited for its ancient temples and it’s a central of attraction for religious activities. The Ujjain, is the the sacred capital of madhya pradesh.

The city is brings the religious sound of the bells with many number of temples which are very ritualistic for a pilgrimage spot. Food is very tasty ,here some shopping options are also available so you can purchase some amazing stuff at a very reasonable . If you want to explore yourself in the path of spiritualism it is the best place to visit.

9. Nothing Else But Wildflower Hall – The Most Romantic Hotel In Himachal Pradesh

The place is located at top of a mountain near Shimla, this is a beautiful place with having an amazing architecture, the location is seems as a part of a legendary view. A palace at top of a hill; in middle of wilderness; covered with snow.

10. Meenakshi Temple Instead Of Hampi

The Meenakshi Temple is also known as Meenakshi Amman Temple and it a attraction point for tourists and pilgrims. The place is dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is been named after the goddess Parvati. The name Sundareswarar means beautiful Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati is called Meenakshi.

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As per the history of Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva visited Madurai to marry goddess Parvati since Madurai has been her residence here the temples are very beautiful with elaborate architecture. The best time to visit the temple is in the early morning or in the evening for the special aarti.