10 Things About Travelling Abroad That Every Indian Must Know For Their Safety

10 Things About Travelling Abroad That Every Indian Must Know For Their Safety

Travellers love to travel whether they go alone or with others. The need to be careful is of extreme importance while travelling.You have to be careful about a lot of thing,if if you are travelling abroad.

Indians who are planning to travel abroad following list of things given below should act as a guide for them.

1. Take care of your luggage & baggage

It is the most important suggestion for travelers. While travelling, your belongings are everything and you cannot manage to pay if it robbed.Take care of your luggage. Remember to count your belongings when you leave the place.Try to care as little as luggage as you can.

2. Be a good observer

People all over the world are the same, the best appearance of staying secure in each and every part of the world is if you observant. It comes quite obviously to most of us when you are travelling.

3. Carry sufficient money

This the fact that world rotate around money. You should have limited budget in your mind while travelling. Life is very difficult and painful without money.We can not think life without money. Always keep a little extra money for miscellaneous expenditure.

4. Look for red flag zone

Areas in any country or city that are spoted as  being well-known for criminal activity are called Red flag zones. The criminal activity is present in all the countries.So you should take care of red flag zone when you travel in any country.

5. Do not disclose too much to stranger

While travelling we should not discuss too much to stranger.They take their victims into confidence get away all kinds of terrible robbery.

6. Look for appropriate hotel

It is the most important part of your journey.The place should have proper security. Lots of crimes and negative activities take place in hotel.You should choose decent hotel for stay.

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7. Avoid excess of street food

It is kindly advised that do not eat too much of street food. It is the most common way to be sick on your journey.We use street food save the money because it is little bit cheap.

8. Always Keep your credentials safe

You should always keep your documents safely. you may lost your proof of citizenship or get misplaced. most foreign countries have illegal passport without that you can not travel any where.

9. Be polite and well mannered

It is well said that first impression is the last impression.While travelling you should be well mannered and polite.Its makes a man.If you are well mannered and polite people around you will behave the same.If you respect some one you will get the respect with others.

10. Always carry a map

You are advised to carry a hard copy of the map of your destination.It will help you a lot to search the place.With the help of map you can plan and decide on the progress of your journey. Always mark important places you want to visit.