Where to Go When it Rains in Delhi?

Where to Go When it Rains in Delhi?

Rains in Delhi are not so frequent but when it rains is a beauty to see everything washed off dirt and coloured in freshness. Delhi is a treasure for an explorer and if you want to enjoy rains here are places to check out:

# A Long Drive to Murthal

A long drive in the rain sounds so romantic and from Delhi there are plenty of amazing routes. The best long ride in the rain is on the NH1. In the rains get to Murthal which is around an hour and half drive. Murthal is a hub of once upon a dhabas turned restaurants serving fares of variety of paranthas and highway food. Families, couples, friends and everyone want to be here to get away from the city and enjoy delectable food in the rains.

# Hauz Khas Village

The hub of youngsters’ nightlife and social activities, the Hauz Khas Village was once upon a time built by Sultan Alauddin Khalji and named by Firuz Shah. The rain makes the beautiful lake, the fort and the hub of so many activities a delightful time. Also Read : 10 Popular Resorts near Delhi NCR

# Enjoy Ice Cream in the Rains at India Gate

The road to India gate from Rashtrapati Bhavan is beautified whenever it rains. Drive down to India Gate with Family or Friends during night and savour the ice cream. The beautiful grounds and the monuments are glorified when its rain drenched. Read More : Top 5 Few Miles Away Wellness Break from Delhi

# Stroll along the Lodhi Gardens

The Lodhi Gardens are one of the ancient 15 th century relics of the Lodhi Dynasty that one ruled Delhi. The sprawling gardens have some tombs, monuments and a whole lot of green cover where romance is in the air and you can stroll enjoying the rains.

# Drive Along Yamuna

The Yamuna River winding through Delhi NCR is generally perceived as dirty and smelly. But rains changes the usual conditions; no more smell or dirt, it’s a mighty force making its way. A drive along Yamuna River on the road that winds through the Tibetan settlement at Majnu ka Tilla or the DND flyover from Delhi to Noida is the best as you enjoy lush green wilderness, the sky cast with heavy rainclouds and don’t forget to stop for hot pakoras or momos or chai at roadside dhabas.

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Forget international and cheap holiday packages in India now it’s time to go local and explore the unexplored treasures. Explore the rainy side of Delhi.