5 Best Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

5 Best Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Nestled at the western Himalayas, this Indian state is a relieving escapade from the scorching summers.

The Stunning Shimla

If you are on a pleasure trip to Himachal Pradesh, you cannot miss a visit to the late summer capital of the state, Shimla. Encircled with seven hills, the chilled atmosphere of the city rejuvenates you from within, besides offering breathtaking view of mountains, crystalline lakes and profuse valleys. Another attraction of Shimla is its architecture. Highly influenced by British rule, most of the buildings here are built with grey stone along with a blend of Elizabethan designs. When you visit the Christ Church, Ellerslie, Gorton Castle and Wood Ville you can feel the foreign air of the town.

If adventure sports scare you, rejuvenate yourself with the ancient Indian health science of Yoga here, at the laps of nature. The spiritual façade of Shimla can be witnessed at the old temples, like that of Jhaku temple, dedicated to Lord Hanumana. The Kali Bari and Sankat Mochan are the other Hindu temples here. The Dorje Drag Monastery of Shimla preaches love and peace at this hill station.

The Kaleidoscopic Kulu

Located at the banks of the Beas River, colorful Kulu is a popular pilgrimage. The shrines located at this Valley of Gods are wooden in nature with delicate carvings. The Bijli Mahadev, Chandi Devi, Parashuram and Triyuginarayan temple are to name a few.

The Great Himalayan National Park is an eco zone sprawling over 90,540 ha. Shadowed with alpine forests, this region safeguards the endangered species of Western Tragopan and Musk Deer. Breathe in some fresh air at the charming Parvati Valley. The natural bounties of Kulu also make it a hot destination for adventure sports of trekking, angling, mountaineering and skiing.

The Mesmerizing Manali

Just like it’s beautiful name, Manali is spectacular. If you are on your honeymoon and seeking some solitude with your loved one, be at the Solang Valley with Honeymoon tours packages in India. This lush green valley offers a tranquil atmosphere with the availability of sumptuous food. Come close to nature, get drenched in the cool waters of the Jogini Falls. As the water breaks through the snow capped mountains, you will feel to spend all your life praising the beauty of the cascade.

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Manali is also loved by trekkers. The Beas Kund is a popular trekking point; it is an exciting tour through the hills and forests, on a quest to discover the source of River Beas.

The Rugged Rohtang

The rough terrains of Rohtang challenge the skilled skiers and adventure lovers. Covered with snow over the year, it is a perfect spot for skiing. Snow scooters, paragliding, sledging and biking over the snowy roads of Rohtang boost your adrenaline like no other place. The mystic hills, the giant glaciers and the frozen rivers make a trip to Rohtang a lifetime experience.

The Charming Chamba

A trip to Himachal is incomplete without a visit to the ancient city of Chamba. Know the glorious past of the city with a visit to the Akhand Chadni Palace. The Champavati and the Laxmi Narayana Temples are unique specimens of Shikhara style of temple architecture with exquisite stone carvings and entrances. The ancient scriptures, relics and paintings at the Bhuri Singh Museum narrate the chronicles of Chamba.

Last but not the least; wrap the woollen clothes of Himachal to be warm even under extreme low temperatures. The Himachal caps are speciality of the state and a must buy. The embroidered silk handkerchiefs, known as Chamba rumals portray the colourful hearts of the state.

Hence, let this vacation be soulful with a visit to Himachal Pradesh.