10 Dirtiest Cities In India

10 Dirtiest Cities In India


It is known as ‘symbol of Love’ and rich in Historical monuments, comes in the list of dirty place, India. Summer in Agra and Crowded market place is worst experience for people. It’s not well organized city and lots of pollution, Road connectivity not good for travel.


Bangalore metropolitan city, where more than 1 billion people live, marked as most crowed and dirty place in India. If you plan to go anywhere in Bangalore, book your personal cab or know local language. One of the biggest problems in public transport, in pick hours you will heavy traffic congestion.


It is known as cultural capital of India and passion for Bengali dessert. It is one of the most polluted cities, where pollution levels recorded highest among eight tropical Asian countries. It is most crowded place and there is not proper bus service.

According to study, Kolkata is found most polluted city and dirtiest place and high traffic problem.


Varnasi is religious place on Earth. According to study: Ganges is found most polluted river in India. The streets are filled with garbage, cow dung; it’s very difficult to travel by walk. The Holy Ganga is filled with dead body parts, sewage waste and Garbage. The religious place become most polluted that is filled with poverty, dirt, traffic.


It is economy city of India and found as 7th dirtiest place in the world. Here you will find dirty beach with wastage, pollution on road and Heavy traffic on signal. People have lived with this notion of Mumbai being the most Populated and dirty city. People lives in slum area and narrow dirty street with red mark of Pan and Ghutka.it is one of the dirty city in India with highly polluted.


It is known as heart of India but day by day it becomes worst cities to live in. Beautiful monuments, Fort and Market too crowded and high road traffic. The old Delhi is a disorganized and polluted hunt. Here you find lack of infrastructure, waste on street and poor people.

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Marina beach is attraction for Chennai tourist. But this place becomes cleanliness and most polluted. Now it is very difficult to find a clean place for weekend holiday. Chennai station is flooded with people around that comes different zone and worst place to stay, the air is filled with unpleasant smell.


Beaches are the main attraction in Goa but it become more crowded and dirty.


Allahabad railway station is found as dirty and worst place in India. The city is filled with heavily crowded as well No traffic rules and lots of problem in public transport system. The holy city in India has one of the beautiful attraction triveni sangam.


Ajmer is very crowded and polluted city in Rajasthan. Here when you shop in local place you must have bargain skills unless you will loot every time. The historical monuments are beautiful attractions must visit once in life.