The Dark Side of Dubai

The Dark Side of Dubai

The skyscrapers, man-made islands & hotels, humongous shopping malls, and the world’s tallest building (the Burj Khalifa). These are the attractions that are admiring the beauty of the jewel city of United Arab Emirates – “Dubai”. After a grand inauguration ceremony of the “Burj Khalifa” in January 4, 2010, Dubai comes into lime light in the globe. Besides the shiny, flashy settlement of everything one have been dreaming about from the wealth, sun, sand, water, exorbitance, tall buildings, opulence, beauty and luxury, there is the dark side of Dubai that is lesser known to people.

1) Hydration

There is lowest rainfall in Dubai that does not help the nation, providing usable water in the city. There are a number of desalination plants in the city in myriads from where drinkable water comes that therefore makes it extremely expensive H2O. In a report, it is found, that Dubai have the largest average carbon footprint of any human being; even bigger than Americans.

2) Far away driving

When you plan to Visit Dubai, avoid driving. The UAE have the highest death rate on the roads. During Ramadan, the accident rate in the city increase by 200% due to lower blood sugar rate.

3) Have your accommodation away from construction

The skyscrapers are built all around in Dubai without any break. So whenever you plan to visit Dubai for business or for leisure purpose, must inform yourself about the location of the hotel. Always book your accommodation far away from a construction and somewhere be prepared for the construction noise for 24 hours.

4) Be ready to face extreme weather

Winter season is the best time in the year to discover Dubai. The temperature between March until October could range from 30 to 60 degree Celsius (86 to 140 Fahrenheit degrees). If you are bound to fly in any case during the summer, prepared for extreme weather, always wear long sleeves and long pants, ensure to drink abundant of water to avoid de-hydration, apply sunblock and avoid outdoors.

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5) No public displays of affection

Are you planning for a romantic trip in Dubai? Are you sure about it you are thinking about a destination in a Muslim country? The laws in Dubai are more strict. You are allowed for quick kisses and holding hands, but try not to get carried away in public places, else you will have to explain your gesture at the police station.