7 Spectacular Places to Explore Near Mumbai

7 Spectacular Places to Explore Near Mumbai

Mumbai the City that Never Sleeps gets little too hectic sometimes so its nature you look up to. Nature has a way to calm you, revitalize you with freshness and provide cherished experiences.

Here Are The Top 7 Spectacular Places To Explore Near Mumbai

1. Kamshet

110 Kms from Mumbai, Kamshet is known as paraglider’s heaven. Fly the skies like a free bird here. The scenic beauty of the place provides some delightful weekends.

2. Kolad

A 117 Kms from Mumbai in Maharashtra’s Raigad district located on the banks of Kundalika River, Kolad is an offbeat weekend holiday destination for the adventure lovers. Enjoy White water rafting and camping.

3. Jawhar

Around 180 Kms from Mumbai in the lap of the Sahyadris of the Western Ghats, Jawhar is a pleasant weekend destination. The region is still habited by tribals who retain the rustic allure. The Dhabosa Water fall, the Shirpamal palace and the famous Warli art are other attractions.

4. Sandhan Valley (183 Km from Mumbai)

One of blissful weekend getaways from Mumbai; Sandhan Valley of Sahyadris offers the adventure of trekking. The “Valley of Shadows”, a canyon near Bhandardara is here offering a thrilling adventure of trekking and cliff camping.

5. Diveagar-Srivardhan- Harihareshwar (Dakshin Kashi)

Located 190 Km from Mumbai, Srivardhan, Diveagar and Harihareshwar offer Coastal Konkan at its best. These weekend getaways are offbeat places around Mumbai for beach lovers so beautiful and with charm of their own.

6. Harnai-Anjarle

The beaches you always dreamt of are only 238 Km from Mumbai at Harnai-Anjarle at Harnai-Anjarle. The offbeat weekend destination near Mumbai is blessed with quiet beaches, a sea-fort, an ancient Ganesh temple and delicious platters of seafood.

7. Lonar

600 km from Mumbai lies the world’s third largest crater in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra. Said to have been formed by the impact of a meteorite 50,000 years ago now it’s filled with water and is a beautiful and interesting getaway form Mumbai.

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