Eid-ul-Fitr Celebrations in India

Eid-ul-Fitr Celebrations in India

India has diversity in Culture, Religion and Festival. People from different region, celebrates their festival freely according to ritual. Ramadan is coming to End, Ramzan celebrates around the India with full of Joy and enthusiasm. It’s time to enjoy holy festival with your Family, Friends or Relatives. It is perfect celebration time to delicious sevaiyaan and yummy biryani. Indian Muslim are together to celebrate their religious fair known as Eid-UL-Fitr or simply Eid. It is a month to pray for the sacrifices of Prophet Muhammad.

Taj Mahal, Agra

Taj Mahal is beautiful symbol of love, attracts thousands of Muslims on this festive season. It is well known for its sparkling Mughal history, provides identity around the World. Thousands of Indian Muslims Collect in front of the red sandstone,Taj Mahal. There is not entry fee for all on auspicious day and it is a perfect time to grab the Islamic culture. All devotees hug each other after the prayer. Exchange happiness and walk together to put hand in hand. The Taj Ganj is completely decorates to celebrate glittering festival in the evening. Family and Children are well dressed and greet each other over sweets, sevaiyaan.

Hazratbal, Srinagar

Indian Muslim join Eid prayers at Hazratbal, Near to Dal Lake, Srinagar. It is more peaceful place for prayers; the beautiful Place shines in the bright sun framed by the snow capped mountain and the aqua Dal Lake.On this festive season Srinagar looks more delightful. Streets markets are filled with shopaholic in Ramadan month.

Haji Ali, Mumbai

Haji Ali is beautiful example of Islamic culture, which situated on the seashore of the Arabian beach. Comprised of white building, the Holy place is visited by lots of different religion people without any discrimination. This holy place is attracts to devotees and visitors for its delightful tomb. Some people visit Haji for their charm and know the culture and some to allure its beauty. It is always said by Devotees that prays here is never disappointed. Haji is Visit by lots of people on Eid occasion. The special Place in India& event, Festival become more special with a visit during Haji Ali on Eid-UL-Fitr.

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Masjid-E-Khadria, Bangalore

Masjid-E-Khadria, beautiful monuments located near to Cantt Railway Station in Bangalore. The religious place is located inside Quddus Saheb Eidgah – Haj camp is built every year on Ramzan time. The splendid mosque attracts huge number of footfalls on festive season Haji Ali on Eid-UL-Fitr. Indian Muslim comes here to perform Namaz.

Jama Masjid, Delhi

Jama Masjid is a well known World heritage site that becomes tourist attraction and Religious place for devotees the capital on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr. Jama Masjid is the first place that performs nawaz, holy month of Ramadan.This mosque is visited by Thousands of Tourist in Ramzan month. It is one of the most crowded holy spot in Delhi during ramzan festival; people relax on the stairs and outside Jama Masjid.