Reasons Why a Goa Honeymoon in Monsoon is Wonderful

Reasons Why a Goa Honeymoon in Monsoon is Wonderful

Think scenic beaches, pitter patter of rains, wet smell of earth, pristine greens, swelling waterfalls and affordable luxury resorts, this is what Goa is in monsoons. Though this season is not considered the ideal time to visit Goa this is perfect for wonderful honeymoon holidays. Couples will love the beauty, the pleasures and the adventure of the coastal state snuggled amidst the Arabian Sea and the lush Western Ghats.

Goa honeymoon in monsoon is romantic, blissful and everything you wish for, here are some pleasures:

# Travel low-cost, terribly cheap!

Check for yourself; air tickets to Goa are the cheapest in the monsoon. You can get the best seats at pocket friendly rates with any top airlines of India. Honeymoon in Goa will be pocket friendly.

# World class accommodation at 50% discounts.

As the season is off time for Goa, the luxury resorts are available at almost 50% discounts. Be it a beach property, a luxury spa them resort or anything of your wish, every place is crowd free and pocket friendly. Get the luxury room for some romantic time.

# Be crazy wild, there is no one to see.

Monsoon is ideal to bring out the crazy wild side of you. Enjoy the rains with your partner and be as mushy as possible. There are fewer crowds.

# Tree to witness Dudhsagar Falls in its might

Goa’s Dudhsagar falls is in its full glory throughout the rains and is one in every of the foremost wonderful monsoon activities. You and your partner can get drenched in the bliss, trek to the top and enjoy an adventurous romantic sojourn.

# Get a rented two wheeler in the rains at simply 175/-

Exploring Goa in the rains is simply romantic and now it’s available at just INR 175 to 250.

# Enjoy the endless feasts and celebrations; Monsoon time is not any different!

Monsoon in Goa brings within the joy of the many festivities like; fertility feast of Sao Joao on June 24, the festival of St Peter in July and in August, Divar Island gets prepared for the famous Bonderam Festival. And you thought the carnival was everything Goa had?!

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# Try the delicious platters of Goa flavours

Seafood is the freshest in Goa throughout monsoon and it tastes like heaven! You can now enjoy the delectable patters, Goan feni and a memorable candle light dinner.

# Take the ‘Dil Chahata Hai’ selfie with your partner at the Chapora fort!

When it rains the Vagator Beach and the Chapora fort is an unrivalled beauty.monsoon. the view is blissful and take a selfie with your partner to commemorate the memory.

# Enjoy the thriving Wilderness in sanctuaries

Rains bring out the thriving lushness of Goa. Check out sanctuaries like Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, The Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, Mollem Parkland and Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary with your partner. You can also check out The Savoi spice plantation.

# Enjoy the beauty of Rainwashed Goa

All the lover of rains should visit Goa in monsoon. Incredibly pristine and romantic, honeymoon couples will fall in love with the beauty as well as celebrate the love for each other.