Beaches are ideal for honeymoon. The romantic setting of silvery sandy beaches, azure waters, picturesque sunsets, the serenity of swaying palms and the thrill of adventures is something that calls for love. In India there are numerous exotic beach honeymoon destinations but if you are looking something near India then here are the most popular choices:

  1. Mauritius: The breathtakingly beautiful island country is blessed with heavenly beaches. The sands are pristine, the waters crystal clear and the setting perfect for couples. The beauty, adventure, accommodation and the activities will let you in a very romantic experience. A Mauritius Beach holiday is a good way to start a new weeded or love life.
  2. Thailand: The Land of Smiles is the name given to Thailand by its visitors. Blessed beach beauty is what you explore on your time here. The waters are beautiful, the beaches pictorial, adventures teeming, beach parties exciting and even the lonely time you spend with your partner is amorous.
  3. Bali: Painted by Gods, the natural beauty of the beach destination is beyond words. The silvery sands, the turquoise waters, the blessed setting and the amazing honeymoon villas create treasured memories for all couples visiting here. Visiting from India is quite affordable and cherished.
  4. Maldives: Maldives is a honeymoon Paradise. The natural beauty is beyond description. The waters are crystal clear, the sands soft and the views attractive. Couples will have the most romantic experience of their life in this wonderful beach destination.
  5. Malaysia: The beautiful nation boasts of numerous beach beauties. Langkawi is the place to be for attractive views, soft silver sands, turquoise waters and exciting adventures. It’s a heaven unexplored.
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