Wet and Wild Honeymoon in Himachal Pradesh

Wet and Wild Honeymoon in Himachal Pradesh

Rain makes everyone foolish. It delights the mood and offers many picture-perfect views people love watching for hours. If you are rain lovers and married in this season, the wet and wild destinations of Himachal Pradesh are perfect to go out with your soul mate. The whole region of the Himachal gets heavy rain falls and enables the residents and visitors experience one of the best sunset views and nature’s beauty at its best. Here is a list of the most romantic destinations for the love birds among multiple beautiful places of Himachal Pradesh one can book Cheap Holiday Packages.

1) Shimla

The bliss of a romantic walk in the rain is just the incredible experience to cherish lifetime. Never left an umbrella in your hotel when you are in Shimla during monsoon. The rain paints the most fascinating pictures in different places. Have a great time and mesmerizing views of the city from a window seat at one of the best coffee shops on Mall Road whilst sipping coffee.

2) Manali

If you have adventure bums, the time of monsoon in Manali is best for the trekking. The mysterious appeal of the city after the rain, favourably cool weather, fresh and clean air blows from mountains, and amazing cloudy atmosphere, nothing can beat its aura. It is easy to find the cheap honeymoon packages For Manali online.

3) Dalhousie

Dalhousie is another hill station to enjoy each and every bit of the honeymoon. Just about 70 km from Chandigarh, the hill station is located on 5 hills amidst fascinating mountains and pine clad valleys in the backdrop. The mind mind-boggling beauty of the nature of Dalhousie let you both dance to the tune of it.

4) Kasauli

Kasauli is the pristine hill station and tranquil too, that makes it an ideal destination for honeymoon. You get the ample of the best views of the nature’s paintbrush. The region offers several visual treat to the visitors such as rain clouds looming large over the valleys, and smoky clouds drifting over the plains.

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5) Chamba

For the lovey-dovey couples, Chamba is a superb place as well. The amazing pleasant weather and scenic surroundings of this ancient town sitting on the banks of river Ravi has a lot to offer the honeymooners. Spending time in this small but pretty land is simply ethereal.